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As our massages are done in your room so you do not need to worry about much at all and you can fall asleep after without having to get a taxi back to the hotel.
If your room is big enough you can Have a massage the same time as your partner or friend If there is not enough space let the staff know and we will see If we Have another location available.
At the moment we are promoting relaxing massages, deep tissue massages, lymphatic, warm stones, head and neck, and holistic ones.
If you would like another type let us know and we will find out If it is possible.
Please order massage at reception and pay for it at reception as soon as it is confirmed.
Feel free to tip the masseur.

  • Relax 40 minutes: 370 pesos
  • Relax 60 minutes: 430 pesos
  • Deep tissue 40 minutes: 400 pesos
  • Deep tissue 60 minutes: 470 pesos
  • Holístic 40 minutes: 380 pesos
  • Holístic 60 minutes: 450 pesos
  • Head and Shoulders 40 minutes: 370 pesos
  • Lymphatic massage 60 minutes: 400 pesos