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12% for Nationals.

Challenge the night and dare to live Xplor Fire .

When the sun goes down Xplor becomes Xplor Fire , where extreme nocturnal adventures await you. Feel the adrenaline through trails and caves lighted with fire especially for you!

Live the intensity of the night by sliding in incredible ziplines surrounded by starry skies, drive through the jungle in amphibious vehicles, travel mysterious caverns and immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of an underground river.

In addition, at Xplor Fuego you can enjoy an energetic buffet and all the healthy drinks you want, offering you the most exciting night adventure in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Main Attractions

• In Xplor Fire dinner as a troglodyte with a delicious buffet that includes variety of meat, options for vegetarians and dessert.
• Slide into zip-lines under the starry sky.
• Drive an amphibious vehicle at night through the jungle.
• Nothing in underground rivers in an impressive setting.
• Admire the incredible rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites of the caves.

* Note: Activities included in your ticket.

What's included?

•Buffet food.
• Unlimited drinks (coffee, atole, champurrado and fresh waters, no alcoholic drinks are offered).
• A circuit of nine zip lines (minimum height required for this activity: 1.10 m or 40 kg. The maximum allowed weight is 136 kg).
• Rafting through 530 meters of underground caverns.
• 5.5 km route through the jungle in amphibious vehicles (only those over 18 can drive).
• Swim 350 m from the stalactite river.
• Hamacuatizaje.
• Cave Walk.
• Equipment included: harness, amphibious vehicle, lifejacket, rafts, rowing gloves and helmet.
• Access to the box office to buy online.
• Rest areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms.