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Visit the best beaches in the Mexican Caribbean

  • punta venado

Punta Venado 

Punta Venado is located just after the Calica bridge, we recommend visiting in your own vehicle as it is a long way from the highway to the "Venado azul" beach Club.
This Italian restaurant will let you use their comfortable lounge chairs for 200 pesos deductable from your bill. Water sports and horse riding are available, the beach is perfect for snorkeling. 12 kms south of Playa del Carmen

  • paamul


Paamul is a lovely bay within easy walking distance from the highway. It is a luxury trailer park, the restaurant has a great beach and infinity pool. The owner Kalu is a great chef and will let you use their beach chairs and shades as long as you buy something at the restaurant
It is easy to snorkel to the nearby reef 15 kms south of Playa del Carmen

  • xpu - ha

Xpu - Ha

Xpu-ha has 3 restaurants, Esencia, which is a upper scale hotel and Spa, Al Cielo, Spanish run, high prices but good food and comfortable lounge beds on the beach and "La Playa" a fisherman's restaurant (you have to pay an entrance fee refunded at exit if you have spent at least 200 pesos per person, upon exit) they are all easy to access from the main highway except "la playa" were the walk is longer 25 kms south on Playa del Carmen

  • akumal


Akumal bay is one of my favourite beaches, especially because you just have to get into the water to be surrounded by turtles grazing, the beach has plenty of coconut trees for shade, Lol Ha is the restaurant on the beach, but their are any places on second row. If you have a car you can have a drink at the Buena Vida restaurant or go and visit the Yalku lagoon/cenote (there are also taxis) It is easy to walk in from the highway but if you come in a private car I suggest parking just before the archas it is cheaper (50 Pesos) 35 Kms south of Playa del Carmen.

  • xcacel


Xcacel is a paradisiac beach which has been saved from the construction of a mega hotel due to the fact that it has been turned into a turtle sanctuary, it is easy to access on foot from the main highway, the guard at the entrance will show you a tin where you can put your donation (1-2 usd per person is perfect, more even better!) The beach is pristine, if you walk to the left you wont believe how transparent the water becomes and to the right if you follow the path through the jungle you will arrive at a cenote.
There is no restaurant, just bathrooms where they charge 5 pesos per use. 45 kms south of Playa 2 kms before Xel ha

  • playa soliman


We alway drive to Soliman bay on weekends, and visit a fisherman's restaurant that is at the end of the road " Chamicos"(south end of the bay) just tell the guard that you are going to eat.
The drive in is through beautiful mangroves, and if you are lucky you will see egrets of many sizes, spoonbills and maybe even a flamingo!
The restaurant "Chamico's" serves fresh fish and lobster from the bay, you are allowed to bring your own bottle of wine...please mention us and you will be pampered a little more 
The dirt entrance is opposite the Oscar y Lalo Restaurant that is 5 kms south of Xel-Ha