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  • merida


Foundation for the Cathedral of San Idelfonso (1556-1599), the oldest cathedral on the American continent. A walk down Paseo de Montejo is a wonderful way to view mansions that were built in the early 20th Century, as a result of the henequen or sisal trade.

On weekend the center of the town is shut off to for cars and it is a perfect moment to walk the town and enjoy the squares and sit and have a drink on one of the terraces while watching the world go by.

There are many activities all week long, go to the tourist office located on the main square to get more information.

  • valladolid


Is one of my favourite city´s to visit, it is much smaller than Mérida and much quieter!
The whole town is not only painted in wonderful colours, but also the wall are textured with lines swirls and stones.

It is well worth a walk along the calle de los Frailes to the convent which is located on a beautiful quiet square, If you take a tour of the Convent you will get to see original paintings and the cenote that is located in the grounds.

At night we love to sit on the main square with the locals and eat a tamales or a tacos and, If it is weekend listen to the local band and watch the couples dance.

Plaza Santa Lucia is also a great location, and has the plus of an authentic Italian restaurant that serves great Pizza.

If you are visiting only for the day don't miss the local market and then a beer at the cenote Zaci it is impressive!
Our Chichen Itza tour includes a visit to Valladolid and the nearby cenote Il'kil (45 usd)

  • izamal


Visit the local market all you will get will be smiles.

The ex-convent of Izamal is well worth a visit, the locals are very proud that Pope John Paul II visited Izamal in August 1993, where he performed a mass for the Native Americans and presented the statue of the Virgin with a silver crown.

Izamal hosts a very good restaurant at the base of the pyramid of the same name Kinich-ka mo, it is very interesting to see the lady´s making tortillas on a fire with a comal covered sprinkled with cal.

The pyramid Kinich was saved from destruction because the Spanish left it as an example of the quality of the Maya building, they wanted the Mayas to compare their rustic style  with the magnificent convent that they built with the stones and on the foundation of yet another pyramid.

  • bacalar pueblo magico


Is another city that is on the list of magical towns of Mexico it is located some 250 kms south of Playa Del Carmen.
In my opinion the town is not very magical at all but the lake of seven colours is!

A visit to the San Felipe fort and museum is ver interesting and the views of the lake are unbeatable.

A boat trip on the lake is a must. There are 2 options: the first is to take a shared boat from the dock just below the fort
and they will take you to the cenotes that are located within the lake and to the Cristal waters at the "pirate crossing".
The other tour is longer and more expensive, you can find guides by the castle, or ask us for more info. This tour takes
you also to "the rapids" where you float with the current through clear cool waters.