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Tips for your stay

  • Money exchange: We recomendad changing money at the banks or just paying with usd at most establishments. we do not recomendad changing money at the airport. If you do your shopping at the supermarket they accept usd and will give you your change in pesosI.
    Taxis: Cost about 45 pesos to downtown Playa del Carmen, but if you take a taxi from a taxi site they will charge more than if you flag one down, also if we call one the price will rise a little. taxi numbers are: 9848773859 y 9848773860, we are happy to call a taxi for you at any time, remember our reception hours are 7 am until midnight.
    Laundry: We have a cheap laundry service, your clothes will be washed with quality soap and softener, dried and folded. Please bring clothes to reception and pick them up there after, the price is 18 pesos a kg, please separate anything that may loose colour.
    Doctors: For small issues, we recomendad to use the doctor at farmacia similares, just 4 blocks from the hotel, it costs 50 pesos a visit, but if you have any major illness, we recomendad a doctor at Costamed hospital if you have a major problem, we can also get a doctor to visit if you need one. If you have accident make sure that you go to a hospital that is covered by your insurance.
    Electricity: The voltage in Mexico is 110 Volts, laptops camera chargers and mobile phones charge with both 110 & 220 you may need a plug adapter, ask in reception, we may have one available.
    TV: We do not have TV's in our B&B rooms, but all our studios have small TV's with cable and DVD players, our apartments have full size TV´s with cable and DVD player. we have DVDs at reception for your use free of charge.
    Cinemas: We have 2 cinemas in Playa del Carmen, one at Plaza Maya and one at Plaza las Américas. There is also a free outdoor cinema each Friday at Parque la Ceiba, just one block from the hotel.
    Security: Our area is secure for walking and parking, but if you are coming back late at night we do recomendad a taxi. We do not consider it safe to leave anything in your vehicle in sight outside our hotel, downtown Playa del carmen, the rest of Mexico or anywhere in the world. parking is only included at our apartment building upon request and availability.
    Check In: Is from 2 pm, if you think you may arrive earlier please let us know and if we can we are happy to give you your room earlier, if you may arriva after 12 pm, please let us know and one of our staff will wait for you, this has a cost of 50 pesos hour (for the person waiting)
    Check Out : Is before 11.30, if you would like to stay longer this has a cost of 50 pesos an hour (100 pesos in our 2 bedroom apartments) only until 1.30, if you need to stay longer please check at reception about availability and costs.
    We are happy to store your luggage at reception before check in or after check out, we also have a bathroom you can use to change, but no shower yet! sorry!